Awesome Ash

Welcome to the Autumn Term 2015


We began this term with a WOW Day looking at different ways to make 3-D cards. The children had such fun and came up with some really fantastic designs. After taking photos  of them all proudly holding their cards, they were finally allowed to bring the finished products home. I do hope that you are as impressed as Mrs Thorold and I were with their first efforts.  The plan is for the children to design a 3-D story book at the end of this half term using all the techniques they have learnt. WATCH THIS SPACE. I think we are in for some really imaginative designs. Our books will be based on the story ‘The Pig’s in the Pond’


This half term we are using three main texts:-

  • traditional folk tales from India
  • ‘I’ll Take you to Mrs Cole’ written by Nigel Gray and Michael Foreman
  • Dinosaurs and All That Rubbish! written by Michael Foreman

Children will be developing their skills in using inverted commas for speech punctuation and the use of verbs and adverbs


We are studying the world in which we live. During this topic the children will learn about the imaginary lines used on maps – Equator, latitude, longitude, Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn and the International Date Line. They will find out about the Greenwich Meridian and time zones.


All about our digestive system


  • Thursdays – swimming at Ellesmere
  • Fridays      – football and tag rugby

Forest schools will be taking place every other Thursday so please bring suitable clothes for outdoor activities.



Children will be expected to read at home every night. This can include reading out loud to an adult or older brother or sister, but increasingly, the children should be encouraged to read independently.

Homework will be sent home on a Friday to be returned the following Wednesday.

Spellings will come home every Monday with a spelling test on a Friday morning. Below is a copy of the spellings for this week.

Elephants 12.10.15     Tigers & Giraffes 12.10.15     Pandas and Hippos 12.10.15