Cockshutt School Curriculum

At Cockshutt School we aim to deliver a Curriculum that provides meaningful, memorable, relevant learning experiences which meet the needs of all the children, creates opportunities for awe and wonder and is balanced across all areas of the National Curriculum.

 Our curriculum is based upon the New National Curriculum (2014). We use this to ensure that we deliver a broad and balanced curriculum, alongside teaching children the skills they need to enable them to engage fully and contribute positively to the society of the future.

We seek to find opportunities to provide an enriched, inclusive curriculum which the children enjoy and which allows them to achieve their best.

We use the learning experiences we plan, as part of our curriculum, to support pupils to develop as confident, self-disciplined, independent individuals who take responsibility for their actions. Child-initiated and Forest School/Woody Ways type activities play an important role within our curriculum to enable children to develop these skills.

We are a ‘Values’ based school where the values are taught explicitly, enabling children to make informed, thoughtful responses and decisions.

We value community involvement and identify opportunities within the     curriculum to develop community links.  These help to develop children’s social and moral skills and apply the skills they have learnt in school in real life situations, enabling them to make a positive contribution to society as they move through life. These often take the form of an entrepreneurial project that provides opportunities for the application of cross-curricular skills.

Within our curriculum we foster the skills needed to care and support others and the environment through activities like; ’Buddy Bonding’, Eco Council, House Councils.  The children also organise and run various events to raise money for charities. (Comic Relief, Big Pedal, Fairtrade)

We attempt to put learning into real life contexts when possible and ensure the learning experiences are relevant to the needs of the pupils. Each half term starts with a Wow day when the learning experiences are designed to be memorable and instil the children with awe and wonder about the topic they are going to be studying.

Displays within the classroom are designed to support the learning going on in the class and support the curriculum.  The displays in the corridor are designed to be a show case for the high quality work produced.

Throughout the term there will be enrichment days and trips to continue to inspire children and make their learning fun.  We believe that if children really enjoy their lessons and make a personal link with what they are learning, they will retain the information better and be able to better apply their learning in different situations.

We encourage children to contribute to our curriculum.  In the early years the curriculum is based around the children’s interests as indicated in the ‘Learning Stories’  and further up the school children are  encouraged to suggest aspects of a topic they would like to learn about.

These various elements have enabled us to plan a lively, inspiring curriculum where children enjoy their learning and achieve well.