Sports Achievements

  • Basketball and Tag Rugby Tournament

    Yesterday, both the basketball team and tag rugby team went to compete in the Level 2 tournament at Sir John Talbot’s school, Whitchurch.  Needless to say the competition was a lot stronger than the previous level as we were competing against the best schools in North Shropshire.

    The basketball team lost their opening two games but rallied to win their third game 3-0. The fourth game was a tight fixture but they couldn’t get the win, losing 3-1. The team finished fourth overall, which is still a big achievement.  It is looking very promising for next year as the team was made up completely from year 5 children although it was a year 5/6 tournament.

    The Rugby team got off to a flyer beating Whittington, 6 tries to 4. The second game against Hodnet was a tough contest, with a late Hodnet try being ruled out for a foul, but the team won 5 tries to 4.  In the final game against St Andrews the team started well but St Andrews came back into it and at 4 tries to 3 going into the final minutes of the game, it was very tense indeed! The team worked hard defensively and managed to hold onto the lead and won the tournament by winning every game! They will now compete in the Level 3 tournament at the Shrewsbury Sports Village on the 7th of March representing North Shropshire.  A massive congratulations to the children, not many would have expected a school of our size to make it this far but they have shown everyone just how good they are.


    Crosmere wins sports day

    Crosmere wins sports day 2016

    IMG_3162 Our Year 5/6 Sports Leaders.

  • Year 6,s have now had promotion, from being our P.E shed monitors, to the role of Sports leaders. They have been taking this role very seriously.They now training the Year 5,s to take over this role when they leave. Everyone did a great job leading the cricket event on our WOW day. Our sports leaders will be leading sporting activities at lunch time.
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